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Danish educational publishers have established a new platform collaboration using Systime’s online services

Dear Reader

Danish educational publishers with publications for the upper secondary have established a unique collaboration. The publishing companies

  • Columbus
  • The publishing company for the Danish Teachers’ Association
  • Nucleus
…will now use Systime’s online platforms.
This cooperation means that teachers and pupils only will need to go to one platform and use one user profile to find and use their internetBooks. By use of an advanced search feature in the internetBooks the users will be able to search for content from all the participating publishing companies.

A new, shared version of the online distribution platform will open at this web address during the autumn 2018. The many hundreds of thousands of Systime users will automatically retain their access, so they can use it for the new version of The three publishing companies, who are new users of the platform, will publish a selection of new publications via and in the future they will use Systime's internetBook platform for their publications.
Systime’s digital platforms have been developed during the latest 10 years in close cooperation with authors and educational institutions. The online platforms are hosted by Amazon’s cloud service and have a guaranteed up-time of 99%. Systime’s online platforms will from now on be managed and developed by the B2B department Systime Solutions, who enters agreements with other publishing companies to use of the platforms.
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Søren Peter Sørensen  
Digital director 

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