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This newsletter will keep you updated on new developments, activities and organisational changes at Systime Solutions. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
From 22 June 2017 MyAccount is available in a new, improved version. Below you can read about the major improvements. 

My materials

A better overview
At the webpage My materials you will find a new, overview of all your publications, which are gathered in one place so you have an easy access to them.Your license type is indicated for each publication for instance: ajourPlus, My materials or single user license (expiring xx date). 
Sort by subject 
At My materials it is now possible to sort publications according to subject for example all your publications within the subject of Danish. 
Advanced search function in My materials
You may now search for content in all your publications (we use the term “bookle” for searches in internetBooks). This feature is relevant when searching in various internetBooks for material for a specific topic. For teachers this search opportunity is relevant when constructing courses in CourseBuilder. 

Sign up for more subjects

If you teach at more than one branch of study, you may sign up for subjects within these various branches of study, so you will receive our newsletters within all your subjects. 

Check license

As a manager of licenses you will now be able to see a complete overview of all the students and teachers at your school, at the page called “Check license”. To get this overview teachers and students need to have created a MyAccount at Systime. Search by name or email address and you will see when the student or teacher have created their account.

Achieve a better authoring flow by using our new feature

Content for a publication may come from various sources such as webpages, PDF and Word. 
It can be a time-consuming task to ensure that the content is technically clean, without unwanted code.

For an author it would be great if clean content could be ensured automatically. As a unique, new feature we have introduced an automatic and on-the-fly content cleaner. You simply copy-paste from any source into the Rich Text Editor and it will instantly clean the pasted text and inform you if any transformations have been performed.
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Best regards

Birte Annette Nørregaard 
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