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Welcome to the first edition in a new series of quarterly newsletters from Kongsberg Maritime Global Customer Support.

Our skilled personnel strive to ensure optimum operations for our customers through a 24/7 support and service organisation while adhering to our core values; DETERMINATION, INNOVATION, COLLABORATION and RELIABILITY.  

We value our ability to collaborate with you through multiple aspects of your business. This new series of newsletters will focus on relevant regulatory changes, safety and security threats as well as trends within the industry, helping to keep you and your company up to date. We will also share relevant stories from how Kongsberg Maritime operates and present efficient solutions for you to become compliant, avoid safety and security threats and ensure your competitiveness.

The first edition of this newsletter addresses the IMO required ECDIS upgrade, European MRV reporting and the trend in condition monitoring.

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Kongsberg Maritime Reorganisation Update
Our industry has been facing significant challenges over the last few years. To align to the new market, Kongsberg Maritime has taken several steps to create an even more customer-focused organisation. Customer support continues to be one of our number one priorities, and will always strive to exceed your expectations.
We remain committed to you.

New ECDIS Standards from IHO

NOTE: The deadline for making sure you are compliant with the new standards has passed. Need help getting up to date? We can help, read below to find out how.

In 2015, the IHO introduced new standards for presenting electronic navigational charts (ENC’s) on ECDIS. The standards ensure greater consistency in the display of ENC data across all ECDIS, as well as addressing the issue of constant audible alarms.

How can we help?
Depending on your ECDIS system, there is a respective upgrade solution available from Kongsberg Maritime. The upgrade solutions range from SW upgrades to retrofit or stand-alone K-Nav ECDIS installation.

See our ECDIS Upgrade solutions here...

We recommend using the ECDIS upgrade as an opportunity to get your ship connected through K-IMS Connect

Email or call us today to discuss how we can help. 
ECDIS standards
Black smog rising into the air
Monitoring Reporting and Verification

Studies have shown that maritime transportation emits approximately 1 billion tons of cO2 annually - this accounts for 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. A new regulation aiming to quantify and reduce cO2 emissions within the shipping industry requires that all shipping companies have monitoring plans in place by 31 August 2017.

How can we help?
A new cO2 Monitoring Report and Verification application, K-Fleet MRV, can reduce the burden for crews by automating much of the cO2 calculations and reports. It combines data collection from onboard sensors and manual entries, and can be interfaced with other K-Fleet applications.

You can read more about K-Fleet MRV here.
Condition Monitoring
Engine monitoring systems are not new, but they may now be making their way onto ships in a big way. The greater control and oversight they offer are attractive propositions. Even better is the possibility of skipping a risky open-up and inspection.
Read more here...

How can we help?
Ship owners these days recognise the benefits of Engine Monitoring Systems that enable them to forgo risky open-up bearing inspections often required by class. We continually work to develop our systems, making them more reliable and cost effective.

Online EDCIS Training

Kongsberg Maritime offers an online E-Learning course for familiarisation training on its K-Bridge and K-NAV ECDIS products. It can be conducted remotely, in the customers or individual student’s own time frame.
K-Remote is an online system and health monitoring tool for instant analysis and assistance such as operational support and guidance, inspection of onboard systems and interfaces, preparation and investigation prior to service visits and remote commissioning. This global network solution cuts travel and hotel expenses and has encrypted network traffic between network devices.


An IMO e-Navigation Test Bed Project.World seaborne trade has increased significantly during the last decades thus increasing the risks of accidents and delays in congested waters. To increase safety and efficiency of vessel traffic, the concept of e-Navigation was introduced and developed by International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The exchange of marine information onboard and onshore by electronic means during the entire voyage “berth to berth” is now possible.

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