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This newsletter will keep you updated on new developments, activities and organisational changes at Systime Solutions. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

During the sunny, Danish summer we have developed new, user-friendly features

Get a quick overview and an easy access to your favourite internetBooks 
All the internetBooks that you have access to are displayed in an alphabetical order at MyAccount. If you are lucky to have access to many internetBooks, it could be helpful only to see the internetBooks you often use. We have developed a feature so this is now possible. 
Picture of MyAccount
By marking your favourite internetBooks with a star in MyAccount they will be displayed at the top of the page in your overviews and filters at MyAccount. 
Picture of MyAccount
Additionally, in your internetBooks there is a shortcut to your favourite internetBooks. Up to 6 internetBooks will be displayed in a MyAccount menu at the top part of an iPage. You can access this display from any page in an internetBooks.

Your choice of favourite internetBooks could look like this: 
Picture of the MyAccount menu

Authors may now share their well-tested, online courses with teachers 

Previously, Systime’s authors could only share the courses they had created in CourseBuilder with their colleagues. For a long time Systime’s authors have wanted to be able to share their online courses with teachers in general and not just with their colleagues. Likewise, some teachers would like to have prefabricated and didactically designed courses. For the busy teachers it is a great help and inspiration to use readymade and well-tested, online courses with content from various internetBooks presented in a new context.

To fulfill these wishes Systime Solutions have developed a new feature, which enables authors to create online courses in CourseBuilder and share these generally. We call this type of online courses, an iCourse. 
When an author has published an iCourse, it may be copied via a link to validated teachers. They may use it as it is, delete parts of it or add their own material, so they can customise the iCourse to their current teaching situation. 
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Birte Annette Nørregaard
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