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Dear Colleagues and Members,

A tsunami of anti-globalization is inundating the western world and destabilizing the very foundations of the collaborative economic and social consensus that has brought us so much progress over the last half century.

The multilateral institutions that have anchored prosperity and security – and that have propelled free trading systems – are being challenged by atavistic protectionism and economic nationalism, tainted with xenophobic undertones and threats of import tariffs that would create supply chain chaos.

For almost 100 years, ICC has been a beacon for global economic growth, prosperity and peace.
Our International Court of Arbitration is acknowledged as the leading global venue for the resolution of business disputes.

Our policy work is the recognised creator of rules, norms and regulations that are used by companies globally – creating economic opportunity and promoting responsible business conduct.

Our national committees and chamber members play an essential role in engaging with businesses and governments on a daily basis to support private sector-led growth.

Our close working relationship with the World Trade Organization (WTO) to strengthen the rules-based multilateral trading system has done so much to create economic opportunity for millions across the world.

Our integrated commitment to the Business 20 (B20) component of the G20 gives business a significant role in forming government and business solutions.

And the United Nations recent acknowledgment of the ICC as the voice of world business through the granting of Observer Status, gives our global constituency an unparalleled platform to participate directly and independently at the General Assembly.

But we surely must not ignore the valid defects of globalization.

Under Sunil Bharti Mittal’s chairmanship of ICC, a central theme of our work is ‘inclusivity’ – with the aim of ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from global trade. 

A key element in this strategy is the role of business within society. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer us the opportunity to build trust with society as well as to provide business with a tremendous new growth strategy.

The ‘Better Business, Better World’ report, developed by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC), of which I am a Commissioner, shows how pursuing SDGs could raise trillions of dollars in new market opportunities whilst vastly extending prosperity to all.

We at ICC must reaffirm our commitment to those values that define our mission and make us who we are: trade, prosperity, responsibility and peace.

In these turbulent times, dedication to our core values aligned with 21st century social imperatives will continue to serve our members and the world well. 

             Yours sincerely,
             John Danilovich
             Secretary General
             International Chamber of Commerce