Kick-off event

On the 27th of October 2017, together with the Girls Advocacy Alliance and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Plan Nederland organised a kick-off event to raise more awareness amongst Dutch international companies about gender policies and practices in their supply chain. With the help of international speakers, an impassionate moderator and outspoken entrepreneurs the afternoon turned out to be a successful event all-round. Read the full report of the event and watch the photo-gallery.

Gender in supply chains

In cooperation with Accenture and with the support of the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, Plan Nederland conducted a survey among Dutch, international companies on companies’ policies on SDG 5, 8, and 17; gender equality, decent work and partnerships. In the report on the outcomes, Plan Nederland provides suggestions for improvement of the supply chain. Interviews with several stakeholders, such as the private sector are incorporated as well. Please download or read the full report here.

Social Business Journeys

Dutch, international operating companies can join Plan Nederland to improve their supply chains for girls and young women by participating in a so called Social Business Journey organised by Plan Nederland. Companies visit a country and sector they work in (Agriculture & Food, Textiles and Tourism). Mutual acquaintance, discussion on issues in the supply chain, visits to factories and communities, interviews with employees (trade unions) and factory owners, local governments and possibly embassies will be part of the journey’s program. In case your company would like to co-create a Social Business Journey together with Plan Nederland, please get in touch with Sandra Bruinse.

Strengthening gender inclusiveness

As partner of BSR and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Plan Nederland would like to raise your attention for the following interesting event on 6 December 2017: Interested in improving your retention, productivity, profitability and access to new talent pool and markets for your business? BSR, with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, invites you to join for an afternoon session to explore how companies can achieve improved business performance through more gender inclusive HR policies and practices. Register here.