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An account has one user only

As a new feature we introduce the option of ensuring that an account is used by the account holder only. If you log on to MyAccount or to an internetBook from the same user profile simultaneously from more devices than you are permitted to, you will automatically be logged off from one of the devices. 
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This limitation has been implemented to prevent users from sharing access. The maximum number of permitted, simultaneous devices has been defined so honest users will rarely experience a limitation. 
F I L O Books

Speed publishing

The publishing company F I L O was established in November 2017. By the end of April they launched 9 publications - all of which were produced by use of Systime Solutions’ online, single source publishing platform.

The managing editor, Heidi Kølle Andersen, says that this online production form has enabled a very flexible and fast working process. For F I L O this has been essential in order to publish so many titles in a short period of time. Additionally, by use of extracts to pdf via BookCreator it has been easy to get the publication as a printed book.

A change in contact person

Recently key account manager Morten Larsen has accepted a new position as consultant for Greenland’s industry show. This means that from now on key account manager Birte Annette Nørregaard will be the contact person also with regard to Morten’s contacts. We thank you for the cooperation you have had with Morten and look forward to continuing it.
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Birte Annette Nørregaard 
Key Account Manager
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Poul Henrik Mikkelsen