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Welcome to our round-up of organic food and farming stories that are hitting the headlines this week!
Brexit is no excuse to water down environment laws, warns chairman of Committee on Climate Change
One of the government’s most senior advisers on climate change argues Brexit is no excuse to relax environment laws, while Scotland in particular needs to do more to prepare for climate change. EU regulation plays a key role in setting standards for pollution, air quality and energy use, as well as habitat protection and biodiversity. Lord Krebs argues that replacing EU environment regulation with new UK laws after Brexit is ‘absolutely crucial.’
The Guardian (27 September 2016)
Read why we believe food and farming must be the bedrock of post-Brexit strategy.
Field lab investigates alternatives to glyphosate
Glyphosate may be the world's most widely used weedkiller, but it's not the only way to keep weeds at bay. The Innovative Farmers network is trialling other methods of destroying cover crops. One method being explored uses a roller crimper to bruise and flatten weeds which allows the next crop to be planted more easily. This method has the added benefit of providing valuable nutrients to the new crop. Another method being considered includes using livestock to graze weeds.
Farming Futures
Find out more about the Innovative Farmers network, which helps farmers find lasting solutions to practical problems.

Youtuber Niomi Smart talks about natural health and organic beauty
Niomi Smart is an unusual YouTube success with an attitude to healthy eating that’s accessible to everyone. In an interview with Forbes, she talks about her health wake-up call and how her food & cooking career is developing. She also talks about her values for beauty products, championing the Soil Association’s Campaign for Clarity in promoting truly organic, cruelty-free brands.
Forbes (29 September 2016)
Did you know that unlike organic food, there is no legislation that requires an organic beauty product to be certified? Learn more about the Soil Association’s Campaign for Clarity.
Organic beauty products: a question of health, environment - and looking out for the label.
Watching what we put on our skin is as important as taking care over what we put into our bodies. With Organic September in full swing, Rebecca Gillam encourages looking out for organically certified beauty products which combine health benefits, better animal welfare and reduced environmental impact all in one.
InStyle (23 September 2016)
Learn more about organic beauty, including why looking for the Soil Association symbol on health & beauty products is so important.
Merger of major agri-food businesses threatens food security
A series of proposed mergers between Monsanto and Bayer; Dow and DuPont; ChemChina and Syngenta, could place most of the world’s seeds, chemicals and GM traits in the hands of just three companies. Campaigners have raised alarm, suggesting that these mega deals could exacerbate the poverty of small-scale farmers and raise prices for growers and consumers alike.
The Guardian (26 September 2016)
The Soil Association campaigns against GM.
Rachel’s Organic: inspiration in a snowstorm
Rachel Rowlands, founder and CEO of Rachel’s Organic, speaks of how a terrible snowstorm, a thrifty idea and black yoghurt pots led to the well-known brand we see on supermarket shelves today.
Daily Mail (26 September 2016)
Find offers and promotions on organic products this Organic September.
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