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Dear Reader

Welcome back from sunny beaches. During the summer period we have enjoyed improving our set-up with new features. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Icons for stressed and unstressed syllables have now been added to the list of icons for sentence analysis.

Index words

Firstly, mark the word, which you want to mark for the index.

Then click the icon, “Mark as index”

I f you need to see all the index words, choose the icon - “Show all indexes” - then all words marked for index will be coloured red.



You may copy-paste from a specific page in an internetBook to the  “Your opinion” message, which makes it easier to point out your specific comment or problem.

Math notation

When clicking the math icon a new feature ensures that the mathematical notation is shown immediately while writing.
Our newly developed math generator has a more elegant presentation than Mathjax, where the LaTeX code appears on the screen for a brief moment, before the mathematical expression appears. Our new math feature is yet another step to improve the correspondence between SQuiz and the internetBook.



When unfolding “the side-info”, information about the content of a chapter is shown as well as the type of content (text, video, photos etc.)

Allowed file types

Our platform no longer accepts upload of the following photo formats: TIF, TIFF, BMP, PCX, TGA og GIF

Accessories and notes

The drop-down menu for “Accessories and notes” has been changed. Easy Read 1 and 2 has been changed to dyslectic-friendly mode and large font.

User-interface and outputs for BookCreator

  • BookCreator now also publishes in the outputs EPUB and mobi
  • PDF- presentation: Search, links, zoom osv.
  • Focus-mode for pBook
  • Language version: Currently Danish and English 
  • Users only sees publications from the publisher(s) which they have a relation to.

MyAccount - noticeable news

Now Teachers validated as Ajourplus members can search in and have access to  all Systime’s digital publications. 
They may use categories to filter a search.


SQuiz is now upgraded to handle math notation, RTE and TYPO3 as internetBooks. 
During the summer SQuiz has been upgraded and synchronise with the internetBook standard 
So, SQuiz now uses Typo3, the same RTE (Rich Text Editor) and provides the same options for showing math notation. 

Search options

Have you tried to “Bookle”?
Teachers and pupils use the term “to bookle”, when searching across our internetBooks and when searching in Systime’s iLibrary. You find the search function in the menu item “Search in materials”. “To bookle” may be useful when you need to look for a specific topic in several internetBooks and when constructing courses in our CourseBuilder. 

Examples of various types of search:
  • " " for specific and targeted search for more words.
  • AND to combine different search terms
  • NOT to deselect certain words
  • * to find more instances of a word. 
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Best regards

Morten Larsen 
Key Account Manager
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Best regards

Birte Annette Nørregaard 
Key Account Manager