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Soils are under threat. Across the world, agricultural intensification is depleting the soil, its productivity and biodiversity.

One quarter of our planet's life is hidden beneath our feet; a complex community of organisms that are vital for healthy soil and to mark World Soils Day this Monday, we’ve created several short [1min] videos to celebrate the life beneath our feet. Please share them with your friends and family using the hashtag #WorldSoilsDay.

Let’s protect soils and spread the word about this remarkable world of soil life which helps feed us all. Together we can change the world.  

Tardigrades – bears in your garden

Tardigrades, or waterbears, are the toughest living creatures. They are found everywhere on earth, including in your garden. Watch the video to find out more.

Earthworms – engineers of the underworld

There are unsung heroes under our feet, but they need our help to keep working. These guys tunnel and burrow to improve soil health.

Fungi – our planet’s natural internet

Some soil organisms are unbelievably huge, spreading for miles. The fungal network enables communications between plants, like the internet…