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SIP Policy Bulletin - April 2017


The Prime Minister has, of course, now called for a General Election, which was backed by MPs, and will take place on June 8th.  The SIP has reiterated its commitment to work in close partnership with any new Government on Industrial Strategy, to continue to make the UK science sector competitive and successful. A continued focus on world class technical education, high quality apprenticeships and greater certainty about the UK’s direction under Brexit are central to the SIP’s ambition.

Prior to this unexpected announcement, it has been a busy few weeks in skills and education, with the introduction of the Apprenticeship levy and the Chancellor pledging funding in the Spring Budget for skills development. £300m was earmarked for supporting research talent over the coming years under the Industrial Strategy; and £500m a year, by 2021, to support the implementation of the newly announced 16-19 T- levels. The Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) is also up and running.

The SIP has already welcomed the Spring budget measures for technical education:
SIP welcomes Spring Budget Measures

General Election

The Prime Minister has announced her decision, now supported by a majority of MPs, for a "snap election", to take place on June 8th. Read More>>

Apprenticeship levy launched

The government has launched its apprenticeship levy as part of the biggest shake-up of skills for a generation. Read More >>

SIP works up skills input for Life Science and Chemical Science Sector Deals

The Government released its Industrial Strategy Green Paper in January and is now seeking employer views. Read More >>

Institute of Apprenticeships (IfA) officially open for business

The IfA opened its doors on April 1. Antony Jenkins will chair the 8 member board, primarily made up of employers, who have been appointed to run the Institute.  Read More >>

Commons Select Committee Report says more emphasis needed on outcomes of apprenticeships

The Sub-Committee on Education, Skills and the Economy, says the Government should place far greater emphasis on outcomes, judging success of apprenticeships, Read More >>

Employers network launched to help promote and champion diversity in apprenticeships

The Department for Education has announced that a group of employers have come together to help promote diversity within apprenticeships. Read More >>

'Baker clause' on careers advice in schools will see provider promotion of apprenticeships

The Association of Learning and Employment Providers has highlighted that the Government has agreed to an amendment tabled by Lord Baker.  Read More >>

New agency to provide joined-up education and skills funding

The Education Funding Agency and Skills Funding Agency have merged to become one body,  called the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)  Read More >>

Degree apprenticeships to be regulated by Hefce

Ofsted will inspect providers delivering apprenticeships up to level 5, while level 6 and 7 degree apprenticeships will be monitored by Hefce. Read More >>

SIP Membership - one voice on skills, making a difference

SIP employer members have come together to take responsibility for the skills they need to grow excellence and innovation. In less than a year, the SIP has established itself as a fully-fledged membership organisation with 25 members and growing.  Read More >>  

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