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Choose the media for your content - we provide the solution

It is not a question of choosing a digital or print version for your content. You can have both  - and even in one workflow with our digital production form. 

As a new feature we now enable you to extract the digital content from the database to a high quality printable pdf by use of our online programme BookCreator

This means that your content is media-independent and can be produced as internetBook, eBook or pdf for print version - in one workflow and using the same content.

Additionally, you save time by only having to do corrections in the digital Authoring Tool and you can reuse stylesheets in BookCreator from one project to another. 
In short: 
You have all the options. We provide the solution. 

Please contact us if you want to know more. 
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Morten Larsen 
Key Account Manager
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Best regards

Birte Annette Nørregaard 
Key Account Manager