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A nice wrapping – curious to what is inside? 

The wrapping of a Christmas present does matter and the nicer it looks, the more you may be tempted to open it. The design of a front page is likewise important. To improve looks and functionality, we have redesigned the front pages of our internetBooks. With the flexibility of the new design, you can customize it, almost as you wish. 


There was an image icon of the front page picture placed above the table of contents. Various types of info was part of the fixed, right column. 


The image icon has been deleted and the table of contents takes up the space of the left column. The adjacent two columns now act like building blocks and may be arranged in various ways. Additionally, the front page picture may take up the width of two columns. 

To aid the user, the tool box icons are placed visibly on the right hand of the screen page throughout the internetBook. The navigation button is placed as the top element of the toolbox. 
Or you may arrange the items of the front page like this: 


The design of the front page has changed, but the user-friendly work process in the backend remains the same. Below a screen shot displaying how the front page appears in the back end. 
The new features have all been developed to make the internetBook more user-friendly and flexible. 
The new design will be implemented for the users Thursday 7 December 2017
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Best regards

Morten Larsen 
Key Account Manager
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Best regards

Birte Annette Nørregaard 
Key Account Manager