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In this newsletter, you can read about our engaging talk at the BETT conference 2017. We also welcome some new employees to our organization. Additionally, we give an example of our lean publishing method.

An engaging talk at BETT

Our new colleague Rick Shepherd engaged a large audience in his talk about digital publishing and its pedagogical opportunities.

We have carefully selected video clips from the talk to give you an idea of the main points. Be aware that the videos have some background noise, but we have tried to reduce it as much as possible.


New faces at Systime Solutions

To offer the best service to our customers we are increasing our team. So, we are happy to present our new colleagues, who are more than ready to work hard, help and assist when and where it is needed. 
Welcome to:


Speeding up publishing and outrunning The Hound

Using just 3 hours we inserted the content from 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' into our CMS. 

Our SingleSource publishing method enables a production of a paper book, 3 ebook formats and an internetBook from the database. 

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Morten Larsen 
Key Account Manager
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